DIY Doily-Lace Lamp

February 20, 2014

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Recently I taught myself to make doilies. This was something I’ve wanted to learn for ages, but always have managed to find a proper excuse and postpone. One of the reasons why I so desperately wanted to make doilies is this incredible DIY doily lamp project.

This lamp creates an atmosphere that can not be described in words.

You will not go wrong if you try to make your very own doily-lace lamp.

A few tips that I can share are, that instead of standard balloons it is better to use one of those punch balloons, because they are pretty large and for me they turned to be much rounder. Usually they can be found in your local party stores.

Another useful tip is not to use too much glue, because it just slides off before it is totally dry.

If you don’t have bulb for the project in the local department stores they offer this “make your own lamp” type of kit that you can use. Everything you will need is included in these kits.

One last piece of advise – don’t be discouraged if the whole structure is collapsing, just keep trying! (; Many, myself included, have failed to make a perfect lamp by first attempt, but I can assure you that at the end you will have an incredible DIY lamp that many will be jealous off. Here it is the guide that was an inspiration for me:

DIY Doily Lamp

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DIY Terracotta Essential Oils Pendant Diffuser

February 15, 2014

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As we all know there are a lot of therapeutic benefits that can be experienced using essential oils. Basically there are three ways for the essential oils to be applied – topically, taken internally or diffused aromatically. In order to diffuse them you need a device called diffuser. There is a huge selection of diffusers made by different brands that operate by dispersing essential oils into the air of your home or office. Their mission is to let you easily inhale the essential oils, boosting your immune system, helping you relief your stress, etc.
Because of all the great benefits of EO I am really happy that I was able to find one super useful DIY idea how to create myself, a little bit different, more personal type of diffuser, that can be worn anywhere. This diffuser I am talking about comes in the form of terracotta pendant.

I was attracted to the idea a lot, because when you create your terracotta pendants you can be as creative as you are, and bring life to incredible designs that can be piece of art themselves, and adding the essential oils benefits makes this project amazing combination from the best of two worlds.

Apart from the therapeutic benefits me and my family experience from the EO, this idea also inspired me to get rid of our car air fresheners. With most of them I have never really liked both their scent and look.

Terracotta is really good absorbent and has very porous structure, so you just need to wait for the essential oils to be fully absorbed before using so it won’t stain your clothing or car.

Here it is the full guide by Jill how you can make your own essential oils pendant diffuser. I sincerely want to thank her for it and for all the great projects she shares on her website. There is one more thing that I want to thank her about and it is being so strong and share her life story – “In recovery and loving life!”. Doing this she really helps a lot of women in trouble in one form or another and I really admire strong persons like her. All the best to you Jill and here it is the link:

DIY Essential Oils Pendant Diffuser

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Easy Two-Ingredient Homemade Laundry Detergent

February 11, 2014

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Recently I spent more and more time reading information about healthy living and I find a lot of disturbing info about how poisoned our food is, how many of the allergies and health problems we are experiencing are caused by the chemicals used for the creation of the textiles our clothes are made of, by the chemicals that are basic ingredients for all the cosmetic products we use, our lipstick, our shampoo, etc. It is a little bit frightening when you realize what kind of toxins we supply to our poor bodies with every capsule of aromatic Nespresso for example, and that is only the start of our day, both in reality and metaphorically speaking.

Because of all that info, I have started to collect recipes and information for chemical-free living.

Part of this collection is the recipe for two-ingredient homemade laundry detergent by Kimberly.

The only problem I used to have with the homemade laundry detergents is that most of the ones I have tried didn’t work well.

We really like our laundry to be clean, soft and fresh (I doubt there is someone who don’t, he he), but never have been able to achieve that with the recipes I have tried before.

Actually there was one more issue – I am really addicted to the smell of fresh laundry and with most of the homemade alternatives I have never achieved to get this fresh smell my family loves.

All this, plus the fact that we are a sensitive skin family forced me to look further for a good solution that solves my problems and this is how I have found this incredible recipe:

Two-Ingredient Homemade Laundry Detergent

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Glitter Snow Globes Made From Mason Jars

December 18, 2013

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For me snow globes has always been a synonym to the words LOVE, ROMANCE, CHRISTMAS.

I am a movie fanatic and in some of the most memorable romantic movie scenes, or ones that great love was immortalized, snow globes were the gift that added that extra touch (I know, I know, they present in some psycho movies too (; )

Christmas is that time of the year when if you have a snow globe on your fireplace, it will bring you that incredible cozy feeling that you are at HOME with you loved ones.

I am glad that I have found this super easy guide that shows how in no time you can add additional joy and Christmas spirit to your home or office.

As the instructions show you can make a perfect all year round present too, you just need to be creative when choosing what memory you want to save in these wonderful globes.

Of course kids love glitter globes, and if you plan to create one for your little ones it is advisable to use plastic jar instead.

Glitter Snow Globes From Mason Jars

Image Credit: Camille Styles

Peppermint White Chocolate Eggnog

December 11, 2013

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Do you like candy canes? Do you have a few left from a holiday baking? This is an incredible white chocolate peppermint Eggnog recipe by Tracey from The Kitchen Is My Playground. I love all of her recipes and this one makes no exception. All you need is a few minutes and desire for a hot heavenly sent cup of pure pleasure. Of course you also will need some eggnog, rushed candy canes, white chocolate chips, and…Here it is the full recipe and instructions:

White Chocolate Peppermint Eggnog

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DIY Tin Can Snowman

December 10, 2013

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I really like snowmen and I believe they bring this great holiday feeling for a lot of us. This is one really quick, really easy and extremely adorable Christmas craft. You will never look the same way at all the cans you daily use after seeing this DIY project. It will cheer you up and one more plus to add, this is not only Christmas but also Eco craft since you will recycle some of the tins you usually throw away (:
In a matter of minutes you will have great Christmas decoration and also it is great fun for the children crafting this snow white cuties.

Here it is a detailed description of the project:

DIY Christmas Craft – Tin Can Snowman

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How To Christmas Scent Your Home

December 9, 2013

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This is one witty, must try style, idea how your cozy home can smell like Christmas.
Sure thing, most of the days of December your home will be scented in a very special way from all the winter time recipes you prepare for your loved ones, but this is a small little secret weapon, when you just want to add an extra touch. No matter if you plan a special dinner with your family friends, or you want to make an unforgettable wake up for your little treasures, this amazing recipe sparkles the Christmas spirit all the time and it is even better if you have favorite Christmas songs to add more to the idyll (:

Here it is a full list of all the ingredients you need to put in the pot thanks to Christine:

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

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Rum Glazed Eggnog Bread

December 9, 2013

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For me the Eggnog bread can be a perfect Christmas gift for friends, neighbors, colleagues at work, just everyone you love and care about.
If you prepare it with love and combine it with a beautiful Christmas themed plate this glazed with rum Eggnog bread can work wonders, bringing to everybody this cozy feeling that only the days before Christmas can give you with all the love and happiness and joy in the air.
Of course if for some reason you don’t want to use alcohol you can replace it with juice as a perfect substitution.

Once again if you plan to present it as a gift don’t forget to combine it with Christmas plate, because I have this insiders info that very few of these delicious Eggnog breads make it till Christmas, and the plate will be a cute decoration for the Holidays that will bring those tasty memories back (;

I want to thank Robin for this incredible recipe and not only for it!

Eggnog Bread With Rum Glaze

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Mismatched Sock Snake

December 8, 2013

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This is an incredible DIY project. I really like the fact that this idea repurposes something that in most of the cases will be thrown away. I don’t know if it is the same with many of you, but for me it is really hard when we donate or throw away all the stuff of my little treasures which is not useful anymore. I always have this regrets that we should keep this and that. When we donate them of course the feeling is great and we are happy, but there is always that strange feeling… you get the idea (and I am sure it is the same with many of you (: and no, I am not obsessed with possessions, this is only that desire to keep forever as much as possible of those cute moments).

The mismatched sock snake is really fun to be done project and we really enjoyed making it. The final result is really joyful looking and cuddly.

Mismatched Socks Snake

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Christmas Cranberry Eggnog Cupcakes

December 7, 2013

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I know that some people like Eggnog and some people don’t. With Eggnog it is almost the same as Sushi, it’s a love or hate relation and there is nothing in between (:

I am one of the Eggnog lovers and I am extremely happy that I have found an incredible recipe for cupcakes, that combine two favorites of mine – cranberries and Eggnog. And that’s not all, this amazing recipe is a total Christmas spirit booster.

As Lizzy, the fairy who has created these cuties describes it, you must try them if you want some of Santa’s elves to dance on your tongue and I give my guarantee that they are pretty good dancers (:

Thank you Lizzy!

Cranberry Eggnog Cupcakes

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